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UNID makes 9 billion won equity investment in Solibis, a solid electrolyte specialist

Securing the second largest shareholder position... “Secondary battery industry strategic response”

(Seoul = Yeonhap News) Reporter Lim Ki-chang = UNID [014830], a chemical company affiliated with OCI Group, announced on the 25th that it had made an equity investment worth 9 billion won in Solibis, a company specializing in solid electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries.

[Provided by UNID]

Solivis has developed solid electrolyte production technology at home and abroad, including the 'wet synthesis method', which can mass produce sulfide-based solid electrolytes with homogeneous and high ionic conductivity, and the 'process variable control mechanism', which increases productivity by reducing process costs and shortening synthesis time. This company holds 75 related patents.

UNID has secured Solivis' second-largest shareholder status through this investment, following its previous investment in 2021.

A UNID official said, "We decided to make this investment to strategically respond to the secondary battery industry, which is considered a key industry for achieving carbon neutrality and has great growth potential." He added, "In addition to this investment, we are investing in various new energy industries such as hydrogen and carbon capture and climate technology startups. “We will strengthen our competitiveness by securing new growth engines through investment,” he said.

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