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Solivis unveils three types of solid electrolyte product line ‘SICON’ series at CES 2024... “We have abundant technology related to all-solid-state and secondary batteries”

Solivis (CEO Dong-wook Shin) announced that it will participate in CES 2024, the world's largest IT and home appliance exhibition, to be held in Las Vegas, USA in January next year.

Solivis is a startup that researches, develops, and mass-produces solid electrolytes, the core material of all-solid-state batteries, and other major components. They possess the process technology to mass-produce sulfide-based solid electrolytes with excellent performance, and are currently supplying products produced through the pilot process to domestic secondary battery manufacturers and automobile manufacturers.

All-solid-state batteries are recognized as a next-generation battery solution with higher safety, energy density, and wider operating temperature than existing secondary batteries. Meanwhile, Solivis aims to grow into a comprehensive manufacturer of materials, parts, and cells through related technology advancement and horizontal expansion.

To realize this vision, Solivis will participate in CES 2024 and unveil its solid electrolyte product line ‘SICON’ series. The SICON series is a product line that optimizes ionic conductivity, atmospheric stability, and particle size, which have a decisive impact on secondary battery cell performance. It consists of △high ion conductivity 'SICON-S' △fine particle size 'SICON-F' △balanced product 'SICON- ‘R’ consists of three types.

The SICON series, which integrates more than 90 domestic and international patented technologies, combines economic feasibility and mass production based on Solivis' proprietary wet synthesis method, and the company has currently secured a production capacity (CAPA) of 100 kg per month through the Pilot 1 process. Furthermore, Solivis is working to expand pilot 2 and mass production facilities to expand the monthly production of the SICON series to 10 tons.

A Solivis official said, “Our proprietary synthesis technology and production capabilities are receiving great attention domestically, and we hope to raise awareness in global markets such as the U.S. by participating in CES, which boasts the world’s largest scale and influence.” “The goal is to promote Vis’ unrivaled technology, stability, and production capabilities for all-solid-state batteries and derivatives, establish a global network, discover new partners, and provide the necessary infrastructure for commercialization of all-solid-state batteries,” the reason for participating in this exhibition. revealed.

He continued, “Furthermore, Solivis has planned a growing business model centered on solid electrolytes and components for all-solid-state batteries, and at the same time, it has the technology related to the core components required for secondary batteries.” We are confident that we have great potential to grow as a manufacturer. “We are conducting research and development in response to the gradually expanding market and are planning to launch electrolytes for coatings, thick films for solid-state batteries, and other derivative products,” he added.

Meanwhile, 'CES', the world's largest IT exhibition hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), is an exhibition that provides a glimpse into the flow of innovative technologies around the world and is held every January in Las Vegas, USA. AVING News, which has covered CES for 18 consecutive years, has reported CES news around the world every year since 2006, and has been selected through 'BEST OF CES' and 'BEST OF MADE IN KOREA', which select the best innovative products, companies and technologies. has been in progress. In addition, CES on-site issues are vividly conveyed through ‘AVING LIVE’.

The CES 2024 Seoul Unified Hall will be operated at the largest scale in terms of exhibition area, number of participating companies, and number of participating supporters since Seoul City's first participation in CES in 2020. The Seoul Integration Center, in which 13 organizations collaborate and participate, is an important step in Seoul's efforts to make Seoul a mecca for startups, and 17 of the companies participating in the Seoul Integration Center proved this by receiving innovation awards. The participating institutions in the Seoul Unification Center are ▲SBA ▲Seoul Bio Hub ▲Campus Town ▲AI Yangjae Hub ▲Gwanak-gu ▲Yonsei University ▲Korea University ▲Chung-Ang University ▲Sogang University ▲Kookmin University ▲Hanyang University ▲Konkuk University ▲Kyunghee University. Not only the Seoul Metropolitan Government, institutions, and companies, but also supporters through industry-academia cooperation are matched 1:1 with companies, and 85 supporters, the largest number, will participate.

* special reporters: Joseph Choe, Kidai Kim, Dongkwan Kim, Mokkyung Lee, Sangun Choi, Seung Hyun Nam, Sunghwan Kim, Taeuck Lim, Min Choi

source : AVING(

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