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Gangwon-do-Hoengseong-gun-Solivis signed an investment agreement for factory establishment

Gangwon Province Governor Kim Jin-tae, Solivis CEO Shin Dong-wook, and Hoengseong County Mayor Kim Myeong-gi (from left) signed an investment agreement.

Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province, Hoengseong-gun, and Solivis held an investment agreement ceremony at the Gangwon Provincial Office on the 20th.

The agreement ceremony was held with about 10 people in attendance, including Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province Governor Kim Jin-tae, Hoengseong-gun Mayor Kim Myeong-gi, and Solivis CEO Shin Dong-wook.

Solivis develops and produces solid electrolyte materials, which are the core of all-solid-state batteries. It holds 90 related patents at home and abroad, and its head office is located in Seongdong-gu, Seoul, and its research center is located in Hanam, Gyeonggi-do.

Solivis' solid electrolyte material is a material used in electric vehicle batteries, and is known to be highly safe as it reduces the risk of fire and explosion compared to existing secondary batteries, secures more than twice the driving distance, and is highly efficient.

Solivis will build four new buildings on a 7,444㎡ site in the Hoengseong Ucheon Industrial Complex, investing 15.2 billion won, creating 60 new jobs, and producing solid electrolytes in earnest. The goal is to become a leading company in the all-solid-state battery market by achieving sales of KRW 120 billion within 5 years of establishing the plant.

Solivis became the first company to move into the Ucheon Industrial Complex since it was designated as a Gangwon Self-Governing Province corporate investment promotion district last year. Companies moving into investment promotion zones will receive an additional 5% points (P) in addition to the existing subsidy support ratio and various benefits.

Gangwon Province Governor Kim Jin-tae said, “Currently, the province and Hoengseong-gun are creating an e-mobility cluster, including a battery safety evaluation center and a corporate support center,” and added, “I hope that Solivis will be stably established in the Hoengseong Ucheon Industrial Complex and leap forward as a global company.”

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