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​The Solution to All Solid State Batteries

.Producing Innovative Next-gen Batteries

using Solid Electrolytes and All-Solid-State Technology

We lead the Future

Leader of the field with distinguished proprietary technology and expertise


An outsanding company,
leading the all solid-state battery market:

Aiming to be at the forefront of the next-generation secondary battery industry with its unique and innovative tech

Striving to be a pioneer in the field of solid-state batteries and solid electrolytes.

Through systematic and continuous research and development on a global scale, producing materials for the next-generation secondary batteries with excellent stability, high performance, and environmental friendliness, Solivis is committed to contributing to the development of a new generation of electric vehicles and mobility utilizing solid electrolytes.

World Class Proprietary Process Technology

Solid electrolytes are key materials of all solid-state batteries, currently gaining attention as the next-generation secondary batteries for electric vehicles.

Solivis is establishing a system capable of mass producing innovative solid electrolytes.

Utilizing proprietary advanced technology and patents related to manufacturing processes and synthesis of sulfide solid electrolytes, Solivis’ goal is to commercialize such products to be used by companies around the world.

In particular, Solivis possesses the technological capability and relations within Korea to mass produce superior products and supply them to industry leading companies within the domestic market.


Product Features​

Produce high-quality, high-performance, reliable products.


Proprietary Liquid-Phase Tech

Enabling mass production through proprietary liquid-phase process technology, actualizing large-scale commercialization


Mass-Producible Materials, Exceptional Performance

Solivis’ solid electrolyte products are suited for mass production and offer world-class performance


Technology Applicable to Fit Military Standards

Developing commercialization of key products for cell performance enhancement for specialized and military usage

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